ISM pH Sensors for Bioprocessing

ISM pH Sensors for Bioprocessing

3 Reasons to Switch to ISM pH Sensors For Bioprocessing

66% Reduction in Calibration Requirements

  • Most sensors are calibrated periodically: Based on a fixed schedule, not need.
  • ISM predictive diagnostics use sensor output to ensure calibration only when needed.
  • Specialized glass and reference system lead to low zero-point shift reducing the need for calibration.
Reduction in Calibration

5x Less Measurement Variability

  • Most sensors experience drastic zero-point shifts after a few autoclave cycles.
  • Specially designed, rigorously tested ISM pH sensors keep their zero-point 5 × better, even after dozens of autoclave cycles.
Less Variability

120% Improved Accuracy

  • Analog pH sensors introduce up to 0.1 pH unit of error due to environmental factors.
  • ISM pH sensors convert the signal to digital in the sensor, preventing interference.
  • Algorithms mitigate temperature errors and buffer uncertainties.
Improved Accuracy

Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) is a digital technology that directly incorporates a microprocessor into sensors, enabling analog to digital signal conversion for greater accuracy and interference-free measurements, plus onboard storing of calibration data predictive diagnostics.

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