HF scientific Products for Municipal and Local Drinking Water Facilities

Local and Municipal Drinking Water Treatment Facilities

Municipal Solutions Designed to Monitor Water Quality, Turbidity, Chlorine, and Contaminants in Drinking Water Supplies

Ensure regulatory compliance with a variety of water quality monitoring instruments for municipal waterworks facilities.

AccUView LED Online UV Analyzer
  • Monitors % Transmission and Absorbance of a water sample in real time
  • The most cost-efficient option on the market
CLX Online Chlorine Monitor
  • EPA approved DPD method for chlorine measurement
  • Low-maintenance and low cost of operation
MTOL+ Online Process Turbidimeter
  • EPA 180.1 approved
  • Built-in ultrasonic auto-cleaning and data logging
  • One-piece mounted design for simple mounting and minimal use of space
  • Cuvette system with single-day reusable standards allows for 3 minute calibrations on multiple analyzers
Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide Pocket Photometer
  • Laboratory accuracy in the field
  • Includes portable, pre-measured DPD Powder Pop® Dispensers
M100+ Laboratory Turbidimeter
  • Provides accurate EPA 180.1 approved measurements
  • Calibration cuvettes are also compatible with online version
J.A.W. (Just Add Water) Reagent Kit for Online DPD analyzers
  • Reagents are shipped dry for lower shipping costs and extended shelf life
  • Also compatible with the Hach® CL17 Chlorine Analyzer
ProCal primary turbidity standards
  • Made in many different turbidity values
  • 20% less expensive than other pre-determined turbidity standards*
  • 2 year shelf life of stability 

Better Value and More Space

  • Up to 23% savings on upfront capital costs
  • No need to purchase a separate controller and analyzer
  • Ultrasonic cleaning standard on all turbidimeters at no added cost
  • Unique Just Add Water powder reagent for affordable shipping and 5-year shelf life
  • Up to 20% savings on annual costs of reagents and maintenance*
  • ModBus and 4-20 mA outputs standard on all online analyzers at no added cost
  • Less moving parts for less maintenance
  • Assembled and shipped in the USA for cheaper, faster shipping and no customs issues
  • Compact design for easy retrofitting
  • Built-in components to minimize required wall space and maximize workspace

Local and Municipal Drinking Water Treatment Facilities

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